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London Photo Festival 2018
Vaayu, Goa, India – Women in India 2016-17

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Rajvi love’s to capture action, movement and beauty of the moment, specialising in events, festivals and dance. She has photographed for Secret Garden Party, one of the Glastonbury stages, Supersonic VH1, Vashundhara Festival in Goa and many music events in and around London such as Lyrically Challenged, Boglewaltz and Lyrix Organix. Traveling and capturing different cultures is one of her passions and she has been building a portfolio of cultural festivals around the world.

As a freelancer photographer, she also works in colleges as a lecturer in Media and Multimedia Production. She works closely with children from all ages in community projects such as Creative Futures and Spotlight Youth Centre in London as a film-maker and photographer. Another area she covers are workshops of all kinds, such as photographing events for INTRANSIT, by the Goethe Institut (Documenting alternative ways of living in times of gentrification, designing local food systems, and facilitating access to unused spaces). Vayamedia_Photography